Posted by: lovelygal | March 2, 2010

New beginning 2010

Welcome to Year 2010. It’s a new beginning of life for me to start in the new year of 2010. There are so many ups and downs in Year 2009. I’m back in Kuching, Sarawak. I’m looking for a job in IT field. I was a software engineer working in KL  at RCG (M) Sdn Bhd for 8 months and decided to come back to Sarawak. That company is a China company. Everything seems to be very china person thinking of ways. I gained a lot experiences while I’m working although lots of stress need to be handled. There are so many challenges.

God blessed me with a degree. Thank God I had completed my degree studies. I continue to trust in Him. It’s so nice to be back in Kuching. There is no where nicer than home. As I was in KL, I was all alone. I have nobody to count at although I do have relatives staying in KL near me but I couldn’t trouble them all the time. I have friends to help me when I’m sick or in trouble or need help from them. So, most of the time I’ll go out with friends or I involved in church ministry or church activities to make myself occupied. In the same way, I’m also serving my God. Doing something good.

I hope I’ll find a suitable job in Kuching to settle down.

Posted by: lovelygal | December 31, 2009

Year 2010

It’s coming to the end of year 2009.  It’s been a while i have not been updating my blog for a long long time. Everyone have their own happiness and sad moment of time in year 2009. But, looking forward for another new year ahead of life.

In the year of 2009, my life have up and down. It’s time for me to start a new beginning of life to move on in Year 2010. Forget the past. There are so many challenging things in life.

As another new year is coming. Everyone are thinking of their own resolution for the new year to come. So, what’s your new year resolution? It’s a thought of mind for everyone to think about it. Thinking of what Goal to achieve and many many other thing in the new coming year of 2010.

Well, times flies so quickly. We need to treasure our time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Welcome to a new Year 2010.

Posted by: lovelygal | May 23, 2009

Start new life

Hi Everyone, I have not been updating my blog for a long time. My life continue to ‘start a new life again. After my University life ends, I have been looking for jobs everywhere I could after exams was over. I found a job in Kuala Lumpur at a remote area. My working place is at Kota Kemuning. My company’s name is RCG sdn bhd. I have been working for 2 weeks now. i’m working as a Sofware Engineer. I’m on 3 months probations. my comapny that I’m working is doing biometric and RFID. Well, my job is tough and i need to learn lots of new things which I have not learned before in university life. It’s a lot of challanges for me. It’s a total change for my life as I come into the working life already. Thank God that He provide me a job after i graduate. That’s all for now. I’ll update somemore interesting things in my blog.

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End of University life

Hi everyone, sorry for not updating my blog for so long time already. I have been very busy with my study life in KL. Now is the end of my university life in KL. Time flies. I have been in KL for 2 years now. I’m moving on with my new life again. I have found a new job in KL located in shah alam at kota kemuning. The post which i’m getting is software engineer. I’ll start work on 11 May 2009. God bless me all the way. He guided me. My graduation ceremony will be on the 15 August 2009 as i look forward to it. Anyway, i’ll update my blog time to time again.

Posted by: lovelygal | December 27, 2008

HTC Touch 3G

On 14 December 2008, the PC fair was at KL. There are so many things to be seen in PC fair. There are so many laptops selling there. One of the things that catch my eyes is HTC Touch 3G. It cost RM1899. The actual price only RM1999. The seller give me a discount of RM100. Well, most of the time for last day PC fair is much cheaper compare to the 1st and 2nd day. It might be because they want to sell the things as soon as possible. So I got the HTC Touch 3G on the last day of PC fair.

For those who don’t know what is HTC Touch 3G. The picture shown below:

For more details, the link is

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14th September 2008, today is Moon cake festival. For those of my friends are not Chinese or foreigner who don’t know how moon cakes look like then the pictures are shown below. Check it out.

There is history behind of it:

Mooncakes earned their popularity during the Yuan Dynasty (1200 A.D.- 1368 A.D) when, as legends say, the Mongols who had established the Yuan Dynasty were too oppressive, and were overthrown by the Chinese with the help of this simple dessert. Since Mongols did not eat mooncakes, the Chinese took advantage of this cultural difference and planned a revolt against them. Leaders of the revolts distributed mooncakes, under the pretense of celebrating the emperor’s longevity, to other Chinese people. The mooncakes held secret messages baked within the skin, informing people to revolt on the 15th of the 8th moon, also the Autumn Moon festival. The rebellion was successful and mooncakes were forever kept a national tradition of China.

All types of Moon cakes:

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Sarawak Laksa in KL

Last few weeks, I’m craving for sarawak laksa. To my surprise, my friend told me there is places to look for all types of laksa. So, I went to a restaurant in Sunway at KL with my friend for all types of special laksa. So, i tried the sarawak laksa. I would like to try sarawak laksa here in KL. I’ll taste it whether is it the same. My friend ask me not to put high hope 1st and too fast on it cause it maybe taste different. Then, i waited. At last my dish arrived. So, i took my 1st taste for it. To my disappointment, the laksa didn’t taste as nice compare to original taste from sarawak…haha…so many ingredients were included inside to make it complicated and taste a bit weird. The gravy was ok which it is quite similar but too thick…the gravy don’t have coconut milk inside…oh ya, not forget the price…you know how much it cost? RM9.90 per bowl… In sarawak can get a nice and simple meal that is nice…It is also much cheaper…the ingredients are not so complicated too…

These are the pictures that was taken:

Name of the restaurant “Laksa Shack” The laksa specialtist

Choices of different types of laksa

Sarawak laksa

The price of it

The finishing of the laksa

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Back in KL

I’m back in KL again. Staying in my small room. Another year to complete my degree studies here. It had been a long break for me since I’m back home in Kuching, Sarawak. I need to set my mind back here again to make myself use to the environment. It is too comfortable back home. Hehe… can’t blame me also… :p well, i went to college today to settle all my things down…as tomorrow is another day for me..i’ll have my orientation tomorrow…I still do miss home a lot when i’m back in KL…lucky I brought some foods from S’wak…hehehe…oh well, that’s all for me now…just a short post…cheers… 😀

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Gawai Carnival

Yesterday, I went to Gawai (native culture) Carnival with my parent and friends. Gawai Carnival was on the way to Bau ( Bau means smelly in english -> those who don’t know the meaning of it). I also not sure why that place called Bau. I assume it was a smelly place so people called that place as Bau. Kekeke…

Malaysia have lots of races like chinese, malay, indians, iban, bidayu and others. Sarawak have the most bidayu natives but not for indians. So, sarawak celebrated Hari Gawai but not deepavali.

Here are some example photos how the native life style.

These are the photos:

me…sitting on the traditional swing

View of the place

Long house – traditional bidayu who live in the house

Along the way on the long house

Long house which are made of bambos and leaves

Outside the long house

The view of the mountain from outside

The kitchen where they (bidayu) cooking accessories

The place they (bidayu) cooked using firewoods

Trying to climb the steps made of wood

People cooking

Putting on the native’s hat

Wearing the bidayu costume.

“Getting ready for the wedding ceremony…my mother in-law helping me…”

well, i’m just joking only… hahaha…

Just testing on the costume.

Final stage


Here I am…how do i look??? Do i look like 1 of the bidayu??? wahaha… 😛

Complete custume…

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Petrol station

Headline with big words. Petrol station cannot close without approval.

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