Posted by: lovelygal | March 2, 2010

New beginning 2010

Welcome to Year 2010. It’s a new beginning of life for me to start in the new year of 2010. There are so many ups and downs in Year 2009. I’m back in Kuching, Sarawak. I’m looking for a job in IT field. I was a software engineer working in KL  at RCG (M) Sdn Bhd for 8 months and decided to come back to Sarawak. That company is a China company. Everything seems to be very china person thinking of ways. I gained a lot experiences while I’m working although lots of stress need to be handled. There are so many challenges.

God blessed me with a degree. Thank God I had completed my degree studies. I continue to trust in Him. It’s so nice to be back in Kuching. There is no where nicer than home. As I was in KL, I was all alone. I have nobody to count at although I do have relatives staying in KL near me but I couldn’t trouble them all the time. I have friends to help me when I’m sick or in trouble or need help from them. So, most of the time I’ll go out with friends or I involved in church ministry or church activities to make myself occupied. In the same way, I’m also serving my God. Doing something good.

I hope I’ll find a suitable job in Kuching to settle down.


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